Specifically, despite observing a male lion hiding at the base of a dry tree, the herd of wild buffalo still deliberately approached to “tease” the predator. Seeing that, the lion immediately rushed out to attack, causing the entire buffalo herd to run away.

Thanks to its speed and bravery, the lion easily captured a buffalo in the herd. Even though it tried to struggle to escape, the unlucky wild buffalo still could not escape the lion’s sharp teeth.

Finally, after a long struggle, the male lion defeated the buffalo and had a hearty meal.

Lions are known as the most fearsome predators in the African savannah. Their primary prey are other mammals, especially medium to large ungulates, including plains zebras, blue wildebeest, African buffalo, and antelopes. Gemsbok, giraffes, hippos and even juvenile African bush elephants.

When hunting, lions also follow the herd under the guidance of female lions. Each female lion will have a unique role in the pride. The fastest way to defeat prey that African lions often use is to attack the prey’s respiratory system, bite or tear the throat.

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