In the clip, a lion cub clashes with an African rock python. With its curious nature, the inexperienced lion did not hesitate to attack this rock python.

Although the rock python continuously opened its mouth to threaten, the lion still refused to give up its intention to attack. Before this challenge, the rock python immediately launched a counterattack, biting the opponent straight in the face.

At this time, the young lion realized the terrifying strength of its enemy. It tried to struggle and struggle to escape the rock python. It tries to use its legs to kick hard towards the opponent so it can escape. However, it was all useless.

Luckily, two other lions quickly ran over, pulled the rock python out, and rescued their brethren in a timely manner.

Rock pythons are the largest pythons in Africa with a length of up to 6 meters and are among the largest pythons in the world. They kill their prey by constriction and can even eat crocodiles.

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