A clip filmed in Kruger National Reserve (South Africa) has attracted the attention of the online community. The clip captures the fight for the life of a wildebeest in front of two crocodiles below the lake.

Alex Cromme, who recorded the clip above, said they found a crocodile below Gezantombi Lake, where wildebeest were trying to approach to drink water.

At first, the crocodile did not actively attack, but just quietly approached. The antelopes also seemed to sense the presence of a “cold-blooded hunter”, as one of them hurriedly jumped back.

Even so, the other members of the group still drank the water, and the crocodile did not pass up the opportunity. It bounced out of the water, and grabbed a small wildebeest by the snout.

The poor animal struggled to find a way out. The antelope’s efforts seem to have been successful, when in a moment, the crocodile suddenly lost its prey.

Seizing the opportunity, the antelope hurriedly waded through the water and moved closer to the shore. It can be seen that this crocodile is not strong enough to defeat wildebeest alone.

However, it quickly grabbed the antelope’s front legs, preventing the animal from moving forward easily.

At the same time, a larger crocodile approached and delivered the finishing blow, causing the antelope to be completely defeated.

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