The cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet, able to accelerate faster than a sports car. Due to the cheetah’s speed, each chase usually lasts less than a minute as they are capable of running 300 meters

Despite the size difference, the female cheetah fights a giant lion trying to kill the cub. A lion three times heavier than a leopard hunts for food in the Maasai Mara reserve.

The mother leopard abandons her own safety to preserve the lives of the young.

First, the lion tries to separate the mother leopard from the cub. However, soon the mother leopard returned and actively chased the predator, causing the male lion to withdraw from the lawn.

After escaping danger, it sat next to 3 cubs and attentively watched the movement around.

However, the lion did not stop there, it continued to find a way to try to kill the cub. Finally under the effort, the lion also killed a cub to the surprise of the mother leopard.

The mother leopard then could only watch from afar but could not save the poor child.

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