The battle for survival in the natural world is always fierce and there are miracles beyond imagination. There are things that sound absurd, but in reality, many people are surprised. In a video recorded in Kruger National Park (South Africa), a zebra was unlucky to be attacked by a crocodile. It grabbed the front leg of the zebra, causing the animal to be seriously injured and unable to stand.

Not only that, there are two hungry crocodiles in the water waiting to “eat” zebras. Looking at this situation, no one thought they could save his life.

However, the zebra was determined not to give up and persistently fought for life with the “swamp king”.

By all means, it struggled, using force to drag the crocodile into the shallows, then bit hard into the vulnerable eye area of ​​the enemy.

After all, a miracle happened when the zebra did the unthinkable: Escaped the crocodile’s teeth in an instant of the enemy’s opening, and ran ashore with a broken leg.

While the future remains challenging with countless other predators awaiting, the zebra truly deserves praise for its incredible effort.

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