In the social life of lions, males and females have different duties. Hard and dangerous hunting is the daily job of lionesses. But, not because of that, male lions do not possess superior hunting skills.

While roaming around in the Tangariwe National Park in Tanzania, an adult wild buffalo caught the eye of a female lion.

However, before she could get close to her prey, the lioness had to run away because the prey chased her back. At the same time, a male lion appeared. Immediately it showed its hunting bravery in front of its mates.

As the buffalo ran away, the male lion sped up in pursuit, leaping onto the buffalo’s back from behind and knocking the prey to the ground. While the buffalo was struggling and could not get up, the male lion took a fatal bite into the neck cave.

Immediately after, the lioness also ran over and added a bite to the prey’s thigh. The hunt ends when two other lions appear. A hunt that demonstrates the majesty, strength and bravery of the lord of the grasslands.

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