A video of an eagle is going viral on social media, in which it attacks a goat to make it prey, but it used such a method to kill the goat. you may not have seen before.
In this viral video, a giant eagle can be seen seeing some goats grazing among the rocks and looking for the right opportunity to attack them to turn them into prey.

A grazing goat was separated from its group and as soon as the eagle saw it, it approached the goat and violently attacked it. After attacking, the eagle takes the goat’s talons and flies through the air and, after bringing it to a certain height, throws it down to kill the goat. The goat hit the rock and fell very low and ended up there.

Because of the large size of the goat, the eagle could not fly far, it had a very clever plan, then threw it to fall to the ground to hit the ground like a ball in the end, the eagle followed that enjoys its ready meal.

This is a way to show that this eagle has improved its technique of hunting larger animals with minimal effort to kill it. ” the size of the owl ” while another user wrote ” That goat took a long time on its way down to think about why it climbed the slopes of a peculiar mountain.

Watch full video here:

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