A tourist was lucky enough to capture footage of rare wildlife. Kruger Sightings says it’s “something some people wait a lifetime to see”.

As he has witnessed the brutal reality of nature, Kruger Sightings has shared a fascinating video of the pride of lions attacking, killing and devouring a buffalo in Kruger National Park.

In this scene we see the lion has discovered a lost buffalo alone on the grass.

At this time, the lion slowly approached and sat watching the prey waiting for the right time to attack.

Suddenly, at this time, the buffalo discovered that there was a threat behind him and immediately turned to fight the lion, driving it to run away.

Unfortunately for the buffalo, 2 more lions appeared at this time.

it immediately jumped on the buffalo’s back and grabbed its back to pin the buffalo to the ground.

The buffalo alone could not resist the strong fighting strength of the 3 lions, it could only stand and call for its comrades in despair.

Up to this moment, the buffalo was completely defeated, despite the 3 lions biting and tormenting in pain.

Watch full video here:

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