No matter how much danger she faces, no mother can abandon her child.

In the clip filmed at Maasai Mara National Reserve, in Kenya, we will see the brave image of the mother wildebeest who dared to stand up against the vicious leopard to protect her cubs me.

Accordingly, a mother and baby wildebeest couple were walking around looking for food in the meadow when they caught the eye of a leopard nearby.

With adeptness drawn from years of hunting experience, the leopard slowly crept through the bushes, close to its prey.

When it is close to the prey, the leopard just needs to wait for the moment when the antelope pair is off guard, it will use its powerful weapon of speed and sharp claws to knock it down.

When the time came, it suddenly attacked, choosing the right object, the smaller wildebeest, to strike. Despite the danger, the mother antelope rushes towards the hunter and uses her sharp horns to attack the leopard.

Faced with a fierce attack of the wildebeest, the leopard had no choice but to “put its legs on its neck” and run away.

After successfully repelling the enemy, the mother antelope immediately returned to comfort her young that almost lost her life.

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