Mountain goats are ungulates of the bovine family, living in many parts of the world. They are also gentle and shy animals. The goat’s enemies are large carnivores such as tigers, leopards, and pythons.

However, no place is absolutely safe for goats. The rugged rocky mountains are also the habitat of ferocious snow leopards.

Snow leopards are master hunters, they possess superior physical characteristics compared to other leopards to be able to adapt to harsh living environments.

In the wild mountains there is not much food for snow leopards, so each of their hunting trips is always an extremely difficult and dangerous chase.

The snow leopard saw the mountain goat mother and child foraging on the cliff, immediately approached and ambushed them. It wasn’t until the leopard was near that the goat mother and son discovered the predator and frantically ran away.

The chase took place extremely intensely on the steep cliff, with just one slip of the foot and these animals could fall down the cliff and lose their lives. However, both hunters and prey are masters of wall climbing, they move extremely skillfully and quickly on small rocky outcrops.

There was a moment when it seemed like the snow leopard had caught the young goat, but then lost its prey. In the end, two lucky goats escaped into the sea, temporarily avoiding the leopard’s pursuit.

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