Discovering a dead antelope lying in a puddle, the giant python slowly approached to approach its prey.

With its strength, the giant python can easily kill large sized prey. However, this antelope makes it difficult for the “reptile guy” to swallow his prey.

As always, the giant python opens its mouth wide to swallow and then finds a private corner to lie down to digest its huge meal. However, this time due to negligence, the giant python had to receive bitter consequences for choosing an incorrect posture.

When stabbed in the nasopharynx, it writhed in pain and tried every way to escape the dead antelope’s horns. After a while of struggling, the giant python finally pulled its throat from the antelope’s horns. Due to pain and fear, the giant python decided to give up its prey.

African rock pythons can grow up to 3.7 meters long, are non-venomous and kill their prey by constriction. After capturing its prey, the rock python rolls many times around it and squeezes it tightly every time the prey exhales. According to experts, prey often dies because the heart stops beating.

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