Discovering two wild buffaloes lying in the lake, the leopard gently approached in the hope of finding himself a hearty meal. However, when confronting two giant wild buffaloes, it did not dare to take action but just sat on the bank and observed.

Meanwhile, even standing in front of the predator, the two African buffalo still appeared calm as if nothing had happened. Being “taunted” by their opponents, the leopard still does not dare to take action for fear of being counterattacked by the wild buffalo. Finally, it decided to turn around and leave.

Leopards (Panthera pardus) are one of four large cat species of the genus Panthera that live in Africa and Asia. They are from 1 to nearly 2 meters long, weighing 30 – 90 kg. Females are usually about 2/3 the size of males. Although smaller than lions, leopards are formidable predators in the wild.

This animal has a unique body structure, suitable for extremely high acceleration phases. According to scientists’ calculations, this animal can reach a maximum speed of up to 120 km/h, its stride when sprinting is up to 8 m and it can reach a speed of 95 km/h in just 4 steps. run.

Thanks to these advantages, leopards have become one of the animals with the greatest hunting success in Africa.

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