The old lion’s tragic moment was captured by 24-year-old Deon Kelbrick, a guide working at Sabi Sand Game Nature Reserve, showing the moment an old and lone male lion is surrounded by wild buffalo herd.

Deon Kelbrick said the incident happened when the lions tried to attack the African buffalo herd to hunt, but suddenly faced fierce resistance from the buffalo herd, causing the predators to retreat. An elderly male lion could not keep up, so he was stuck behind, immediately surrounded by a herd of wild buffalo.

Herds of wild buffalo continuously trampled, butchered and flung the old lion with their horns. Although the lion tried to resist, because of his weakness and loneliness, he could not escape the encirclement of the buffalo herd.

The old lion then ran to lie under a tree to hide, but was still chased and attacked by a herd of wild buffalo.

“This was a scene that made me sad to witness. The lions had to run away when fiercely resisted by the buffalo. Unfortunately, the elderly lion was unable to run in time due to old age and was injured. love.

The old lion was trampled and thrashed by a herd of buffalo for about 15 minutes. It was not until the lions returned to help that the buffaloes accepted to leave. The old lion was lucky to be alive, but I’m sure it was seriously injured,” Deon Kelbrick said.

Deon Kelbrick added that this old lion was injured four years ago and had to move with a limp, which is why it could not keep up with the herd when the buffalo counterattacked.

The clip about the tragic image of the old lion “caused a fever” after being posted on social networks and made many netizens feel sad, when the “lord of the steppe” had lost its position and power. me.

The African buffalo is one of the largest herbivores in Africa. Although this is one of the favorite prey, lions often face many difficulties to defeat buffalo.

Lions need to have the good coordination of the whole herd or the cooperation of at least 2 individuals to be able to defeat a wild buffalo. However, a prolific male lion can single-handedly defeat a full-grown buffalo, though not always the male lion dares to take the risk.

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