Oryx antelopes are very fast animals, not only that, they also have the ability to change direction unexpectedly, so that this herbivore can escape the pursuit of enemies.

However, these things, if booked in advance, are still not enough, especially for young people. Cheetahs are the fastest predators on the planet (on land only), their supple bodies and incredible speed are their deadly

Accordingly, cheetahs do not have too many difficulties to defeat young antelopes. Its mother, however, is a different story.

With the advantage of physical strength and long, sharp horns like swords, the mother antelope counterattacked fiercely, “frustrating” the cheetah to the place to rescue the baby. Fortunately, its efforts also paid off, the cheetah was forced to let go of its prey and the baby antelope returned to its mother’s arms.

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