Seeing the hyenas enjoying their meal, a female lion rushed forward to steal the prey. However, its haste made the hyenas angry.

Immediately, the hyenas rushed to chase and fight the enemy to protect their achievements. Seeing the female lion being humiliatedly chased away, a male lion quickly rushed forward to confront her. Knowing there was nothing they could do, the hyenas immediately ran away and left their prey behind.

Although not directly responsible for hunting, male lions always know how to show their strength to females. They can help the herd take down large prey such as wild buffalo or chase away other male lions that encroach on their territory.

Lions and hyenas are two ancient enemies on the steppe. They always confront each other in wars for territory or food.

With greed, stubbornness, sharp teeth, and herd lifestyle, a group of hyenas can win and kill a lion when an individual in the herd is attacked thanks to its numerical superiority, or They attack stray, old, and injured lions.

However, in a one-on-one confrontation, hyenas are no match for lions. Usually it takes 3 hyenas to take down a lion. Both species clearly understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so depending on the moment, they will rush in to deliver a finishing blow to each other.

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