Accidentally straying into the lion’s territory, the hippo paid the price with his life.

In the clip, a lone hippo accidentally strays into the territory of a pride of lions. Although this is not the lion’s favorite prey, they still decided to attack the stranger.


Immediately afterwards, a male lion quietly approached its prey from behind. With the remarkable strength of a top predator on the steppe, the lion quickly knocked the hippo to the ground. As a result, because they could not escape, the hippopotamus became a meal for hunters.


Despite its somewhat clumsy and slow appearance, hippos are still quite agile and dangerous. They are considered the most aggressive creatures in the world.

According to statistics, the hippo’s jaw has a terrifying bite force, being able to crush one or two adult crocodiles at the same time.


Hippos are especially aggressive when their territory is violated and their children are touched. That’s why indigenous people in Africa can easily lose their lives when they accidentally violate hippopotamus territory. They will chase them, drag them into the lagoon, and bite their boats to pieces.

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