In the wild, highly competitive natural world, in order to survive, animals will have to go through countless fierce battles. Despite being a master of hunting in the savannah, the lion’s success rate is quite low.

A video recorded a war for the hippo carcass between a giant crocodile and a fierce lion taking place extremely fiercely.

Some crocodiles saw the dead hippo and rushed to enjoy the free meal. Unfortunately for them, the hippo’s corpse was also targeted by a lioness.

After snarling and screaming to chase away several other crocodiles, in the end only one ferocious crocodile remained to fight the lion.

he lion approached the crocodile, hit the crocodile to preemptively, increasing the scale of his competition.

With an open snout, the crocodile shows off its strong jaws with a thousand-pound bite force, warning and intimidating the lioness if she wants to compete for food with it, it will have to pay a heavy price. Unfortunately, the crocodile’s majesty did not change the lioness.

The lioness retaliated by biting the crocodile’s snout, reminding the crocodile when on land who was the lord.

The crocodile was in pain, rolled over, lying on its side in the direction of the lion’s bite to minimize the damage to the maximum, trying to get rid of the lion’s teeth.

Finally, after receiving a painful blow, the crocodile had to give in, giving the hippo carcass to the lioness.

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