A hawk was perched on a high branch, when he spotted a flock of chicks feeding below, thanks to his keen eyes, he seized the opportunity to fill his hungry stomach.

After a long prowl, the eagle decided to swoop down to the ground to eat the chicks. Its inaccurate dash is an opening for the mother hen to counterattack. Realizing that the eagle had intentions with her children, the mother hen fiercely fought back.

It continuously attacked the eagle with consecutive pecks and kicks. The eagle was so weak that the mother hen knocked her down. He fell to the ground and fell into the termite burrow. The eagle has almost no chance to fight back against the mother hen.

The mother hen does this only to protect the chicks. When it realized that the eagle was no longer intending to attack, it let go of the predator and returned to continue caring for the young chicks.

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